3 Popular Treatments from a Cosmetic Dentist

3 Popular Treatments from a Cosmetic Dentist from Miami Smile Dental in Miami, FLYour cosmetic dentist can deliver the latest treatments that can improve your smile and oral hygiene. This dental care provider can also make you look and feel better. Understanding the cosmetic dentistry treatments can help you decide what you need. Here are three popular treatments that you can get from a cosmetic dentist.

1. Dental veneers

Minor cracks or chips must receive proper treatment. The damage can worsen over time without the right corrective procedure. A cosmetic dentist can offer dental veneers to correct these types of damage. The dentist can match the color of the thin shells to the color of the neighboring natural teeth.

The cosmetic dentist will shave off a thin layer of the enamel. This will provide space for the shells. The patient can have a gentle anesthetic that ensures a painless treatment. Taking impressions will help the lab create the custom veneers. Repairing the affected teeth will be easier than pulling the affected teeth because of unrepaired damage.

Dental veneers can cover heavy dental stains that regular teeth whitening cannot correct. Dental veneers can even protect the teeth from further damage or staining. The cosmetic dentist can help maintain the results of this treatment. Regular visits will allow the dentist to keep the veneers clean and damage-free.

2. Teeth whitening

Dental discoloration is a common complaint. As aging happens, the teeth weaken and discolor. Even if an individual brushes and flosses every day, staining still happens unless a cosmetic dentist steps in and helps. Professional teeth whitening can whiten and brighten teeth.

Despite the availability of over-the-counter teeth whitening products, in-office teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist can work faster. The dentist will know how to formulate the teeth whitening solution without harming the soft tissues of the mouth. This process can happen with other treatments, such as veneers. The results will provide whiter and stronger teeth.

3. Dentures

These restorations can replace at least one missing tooth. Dentures are removable. The patient can remove, clean, and soak them overnight. Partial dentures can replace missing teeth anywhere in the dental arch. Metal clasps enable them to attach to the natural teeth next to the dental spaces. Full dentures use suction and dental glue to stick to the gums.

A patient can have immediate dentures after the removal of the last teeth. There will be no wait time. Changing the denture may happen later after the jaw heals. Conventional dentures are a full set of artificial teeth that a patient puts on after the mouth completely heals.

Plaque can build up in the soft tissues and teeth. That is why the patient must maintain oral hygiene even with dentures. Daily cleaning with a soft toothbrush is necessary. Brushing the roof of the mouth, gums, and tongue should be part of oral care.

The right treatment from your cosmetic dentist can bring back your smile and dental health

Dental issues can arise and leave your teeth with damage and staining. Treating these dental problems is possible with the help of your cosmetic dentist. The treatments can improve the appearance and strength of your teeth. Your dental function may also get better. Working with your dentist can help make the results of your treatments last for years.

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